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is a natural, homeopathic, OTC topical pain Lotion/Spray that alleviates ANY pain in seconds.

Pain Lotion/Spray is the best pain reliever you will ever find. Simply rub it on pain and the pain is gone in 15 seconds, guaranteed. We are so sure of this that we give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Directions: Apply liberally on and around area of pain, surrounding the pain. Do not rub hard; simply apply. For headaches, apply completely on forehead, between the eyebrows, both temples the back of the neck, around the ears and under the eyes. For all-over body pain, put 8-10 pumps of ExtRemedy Lotion into a warm to hot bath, mix in and soak for about 5 minutes. Some severe pains may possibly need a little more time and more than one application the first time used, but fewer applications the ensuing times used.

What we have discovered in is a way to get pain relief to the source of the pain almost instantly in a natural over-the-counter homeopathic topical lotion and spray, without the usual discomfort of irritation or any dangerous or unhealthy chemicals or the strong or foul smell usually associated with topical pain relievers. This is an amazing lotion with a slight, pleasant smell, that when rubbed on, alleviates pain instantly. does not numb either.

Natural absolutely works on all pains such as arthritis, muscle pain, backache, all joint pain, headaches, including migraines and sinus headaches, sunburn; any and all pain.

Warning: Eliminating pain does not alleviate the problem causing that pain.

Check out the many testimonials, including video testimonials, that have come our way about . Click the "Testimonials" button to read what actual customers have to say about .

This lotion is natural and the ingredients are actually good for the body; save for the harmless FDA-mandated preservatives.

When applied to pain, ExtRemedy relieves that pain within seconds. It is that simple and that great!

In fact, we are so sure of how good it is that we also give a 30-day money-back guarantee on any purchase you may make of ExtRemedy. You simply rub this lotion on and around the area of pain and the pain disappears, guaranteed.

So are you ready to be free from pain, guaranteed?

Guarantee : After using , if pain is not completely gone within one minute, apply some more. If pain persists, call us at our toll-free number 866-398-7343 and we will help you get rid of the pain; if you still want your money back, simply ask and we will refund your purchase price.
is superior to any other pain reliever, including harmful narcotics (see the "ExtRemedy Challenge" by clicking the button "Conditions/ExtRemedy Challenge").
is available in a 4-ounce spray (approx. 600 sprays) $19.95, a 4-ounce lotion (approx. 100 apps.) $24.95 and an 8-ounce lotion (approx. 200 apps.) $39.95. Or, if you would like to save money, we have special multiple-bottle pricing. Above prices do not include shipping.

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